Sunday, April 26, 2009


I realize that I may be celebrating a tad early, but in order to earn my blog makeover (okay, I already did it - so much for delayed gratification) I have to post today rather than waiting until tomorrow. In any case, I am celebrating the fact that tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF CLASS for Tom in his first semester back to school. Whew!!! I can't believe he (we) made it.

I was going to a post a photo of the man, but he was concerned it would compromise the protection of his identity, and thus the mission, in this world of technosavvy teenagers. You know, can't have too much information out there on the world wide web.

I freely admit that we are crazy (insane), but right before Christmas, completely out of the blue, my husband decided to go back to school...full time...16.5 credit hours full time. That on top of his full time job, job as a scout master, and did I mention he's a joyful dad of nine? (Maybe joyful isn't the word he would use, but in any case...) We survived!

The semester was complicated by the fact that he was unable to get time off in order to go to class. He carefully arranged his schedule to go to whichever classes he could fit in on his lunch hour. David and I took turns picking him up from work, driving him to class (so he wouldn't have to find a place to park), picking him up, and driving him back to work. Some of his classes he couldn't get to, so I went in his place, took notes, turned in papers (that he wrote - just wanted to clarify), etc. His professors were extra accommodating and good to work with. One even came to our home twice to go over things with him and offer excellent suggestions.

Aside from Tom's studying and David's driving, this has truly been a family project. All of our kids have taken on the responsibility for most of the meals. Carmen took on Chamane's laundry, and Kirk did his share of extra little boys' loads. They've all pitched in by getting (sort of) their work done without being asked (as much).

All and all, it's been a great semester, full of all kinds of blessings. After finals, we will have a few silly days of celebration (cleaning our house and doing more jobs) before we start over. The best thing is that now we know we can do it. We know if we all work together, we can pull off a miracle in order to help our dad fulfill his dreams and goals. That's a pretty great family project!


Emily said...

That's fantastic. Congrats, Tom! I like how you described the way everyone pitched in.

CSIowa said...

I'm impressed! My husband is also in school (again). We have a little more than a year left until he finishes (again!), so we have even more in common than you knew. It has been an interesting journey!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Der Grexxie said...

That is truly awesome, what a heroic Rogers family team effort!
Now you know your can do it. Enjoy your down time before the next semester starts. Congratulations!

Atzimba said...

What a journey! Congratulations to all! I am impressed and grateful for the example.

Kelly said...

Congratulations! That is indeed a family project that you can be proud of. I am so impressed.