Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is David, my oldest son. Though it looks like he is practicing the piano, he is really performing a Russia. He has been gone for about a month and comes home tomorrow. Needless-to-say, even though he hasn't missed us much, we have missed him a ton while he has been away.

David has had the super cool opportunity to travel with his grandpa who travels periodically on church assignments. This trip he went to Yeketerinburg. He also got to go to St. Petersburg and even spent a day in Moscow, where he hopefully met my brother's fiance for the first time. By the looks of things, David has managed to stay pretty busy making new friends and performing recitals and firesides on the piano.

Even though he was a little nervous before he left, he seems to have adapted well. We keep reminding ourselves that "no news is good news." David isn't really the type to write home much, so we've been grateful for facebook. We can tell what cities he's visited by the comments and messages left by his new Russian friends.

Before he left, David had the pleasure of signing all sorts of official legal documents (i.e. passport, visa application, etc.) He even lost his drivers' license and had to go through all that again, all the while moaning about why on earth you would ever need a signature. Shouldn't you just be able to write or type your name? Apparently, since he's been gone, he has had some practice working on his signature. His autograph is in hot demand. I'm excited to see how much it has improved when he gets home.

He also looks like he's grown. Dang, he's tall!

Time for a Makeover

I have recently become reinspired in my blogging efforts (thanks Allie). I have been through a few months of crazy busy schedule - bad enough that I had to put a few things on the hold. Unfortunately, my blogging was one of the things that went by the wayside (along with showering), but no more. I am recommitting to follow the examples of my blogging friends and post at least once a week.

Now, that being said, I fully recognize that this blog looks terrible. TERRIBLE! In an attempt to fix the sad, sorry state of my blog, as well as post more...posts, I have decided to set up a reward system of sorts for myself. Here it is...(drum roll)...if I write at least one post per week, I am going to treat myself to a blog makeover. Just wait. It will be awesome. There is only one little problem. I'm not that great at computer stuff. That means I need some help. The only thing to do is to throw this dilemma out to all of you CUTE bloggers. I am now taking volunteers for anyone willing to help me with my blog makeover. In the event that I really follow through and post every week (or more), let's get together and see what we can come up with . It will be fun, but most importantly, I'll have a blog I can be proud of, and we all know that that is what really matters, afterall.