Sunday, February 7, 2010

He Did It!!!

Well, he did it! I know I am a little late in finally getting to this post, but that does not diminish the pride we feel for our dad finishing his degree and graduating from BYU! Last year was completely insane, but we learned that we could work together and actually accomplish something as a family that seemed to be an impossibility. Tom learned that he could do the work of 2 or 3 men, as he worked at being a dad of 9, worked his full-time job, took full-time classes, and took scouts on campouts every month. Now that he's finished, he is not sure what he will do with all of his spare time. Oh, yeah. He's starting to build a personal training business and actually working on something he loves - helping people improve their health and reach their goals. Go TOM!


Chaka said...

I'd like to meet your husband some time. He sounds like a real stud.

Atzimba said...

What an accomplishment! you both rock! along with all the kids.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful accomplishment! and a great example to your family.

It's me, Dana from Noggins and Nonsense. I was trying to contact you about a LDS homeschooling project I am working on. Would you please follow my comment to my profile and email me so I can reach you? Thanks, Dana :)